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Updated: Dec 28, 2022

RACE DATE : 5th February 2023, 1:30pm

LOCATION : The SHAC, Buckland Park Lake, Reigate, Surrey

We are really excited to announce the second annual UK Gla Gla SUP race, taking place at the SHAC in the Surrey Hills on Sunday 5th February 2023.

This year we have a totally new course with some exciting features that should provide challenge and entertainment for racers and spectators!

Enter either the 14ft, 12'6 or Non-Competitive category (where you can paddle any size SUP) and with a short course (3 laps / 8km) or long course (6 laps / 16km) there is something for everyone!

Click on the links below to book your place. Please note that if you haven’t paddled at The SHAC before you will need to set up a SHAC account via the register button in order to book your place at the Gla Gla UK 2023 event. If you have an account simply login when prompted and follow the process.

Once you have booked you will receive an email a couple of weeks before the race to register your board class (14ft, 12”6 or non-competitive challenge class)

Book your place with your own board here:

To book with board hire please use the link below:

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