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On the 10th of February 2024, Skip and I welcomed over 100 paddlers to the SHAC to take part in the Gla Gla SUP UK race. Over the last few years the race has grown in numbers, from 2 (Skip and I!) in 2021, 30 racers in 2022, 60 racers in 2023 and 130 registered racers in 2024.

This year we had three fleets; the 15km Competitive, 7.5km Competitive and the Challenge fleet. The challenge fleet was not timed, and was designed to introduce potential future racers to racing in a non-stressful fleet - with no timings.

The race course designed by Skip has always been a unique feature of the race (with many bouy turns and features such as the crossroads of chaos!) , and this year we added to it by adding a Super lap (or Joker lap as some call it). This is where you can choose one lap to be a shorter lap, basically cutting out the smaller lagoon from one of your loops. Do you do the superlap first? in the middle? At the end?!

This year we also welcomed down some of our partners to exhibit including Mustang Survival and The SUP Company, as we tested out a few concepts and ideas for a potential much larger summer this space!

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