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Updated: May 12, 2023

I'm Stoked to announce we now have the support of Mustang Survival as we make our final preparations for the worlds longest unsupported paddle race, the Yukon 1000.

With a rich heritage that stretches back over 55 years, Mustang Survival began engineering lifesaving solutions that pushed the boundaries of performance and what is possible in marine and water safety. And if its good enough for NASA, Navy Seals and some of the worlds best ocean racing teams and water bound athletes, then we have every faith and confidence that the support, experience, knowledge and equipment supplied is going serve us well in July as we paddle 1000 miles unsupported into the Arctic Circle on SUP’s!

We are putting all the kit through its paces now in our final kit testing phase and can’t wait to share more.

Find out more about Mustang Survival here and watch this incredible history video to get an insight into the history.

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