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GQ Magazine it may not be, but I'm so stoked to have the cover shot for the latest SUP Mag UK Summer 2023 magazine! In addition to the cover, the mag also features a 4-page Q&A where I talk about my SUP background, endurance racing & SUP expeditions.

Behind the Picture

The cover shot was taken during the Dutch 11 Cities non-stop ultra race last year. From memory it was mid afternoon, probably around 40-50km in to the 200km race. The pic was taken by Janneke Smits - van Leeuwen, one half of my Yukon 1000 Dutch besties (Ella Oesterholt was racing, and was well on her way to winning it when this picture was taken!). Janneke was also my support team for the race. I cannot wait to get back to Holland in September to race again in this incredible event. This time Ella will my support. No pressure!

You can get the print or digital versions from The SUP Mag website, and various digital magazine platforms and shops.

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