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I'm really excited to announce that I've joined the team at Yster SUP!

It all started at the end of 2021 when I was researching board options for the Yukon 1000 race. Due to logistics, shipping a hard board to the start line was becoming very tricky and cost prohibitive, and with the advances with inflatable SUP's in recent years I started looking at iSUPs as a potential option. I just so happened to come across an article on Total SUP, where the new Yster 17'3 x 26 iSUP was announced, and touted as the ultimate long-distance board. You can read the article here

We received our Yukon boards in February 2022 and the claims held true, and the boards will be the ones we use when we take on the Yukon 1000. I'll also be using the Yster Naked Carbon 14 x 24 hardboard for the SUP 11 Cities non-stop in September 2022.

"Yster is an old Swedish word for “frisky and playful”. The hallmark of Yster is long and narrow boards allowing a smooth ride in otherwise difficult conditions as our boards are created for choppy waters and windy conditions. Speed, straight-line tracking and stability are the three key characteristics of Yster boards which are essential features when it comes to touring, training and racing."

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