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Nomadic Paddler Testimonial

I have recently taking it upon myself to take my paddle boarding to the next level and my latest achievement couldn’t have been done without the support and knowledge of The SUP Coach.

"With regards to my fitness training, Craig suggested for me to add a few extra things to my routine which I am happy that I did. However, it was my nutrition plan that I struggled with. I have noticed the difficulties from previous endurance events by not having the right plan put in place but after spending some time with Craig, letting him explain everything to me in simple terms and sticking to his plan I had one less worry and I really noticed the transformation."

"I can proudly say I beat a current world record by 10 hours, an accomplishment made by having the right plan put in place.

I would highly recommend The SUP Coach and I look forward to working with Craig again on the next challenge.

- David Haze, The Nomadic Paddler"

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