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It was a simple race concept - 12 hours to complete as many laps as possible of the course in Torbay. But add in 25-40 gusting offshore winds and the full tidal cycle and it made for some pretty epic and challenging racing!

All racers started on the beach at 7am. I opted for my Yster 17'3 iSUP - definitely not the fastest board but comfortable and would deal with a range of conditions. And I wanted to spend as much time as possible on the board ahead of Yukon 1000.

Strategy was going to be key - some racers opted to put in a fast lap then spend more time at their rest station on the beach refuelling / resting before going again. I opted for slower but consistent plan - keep my heart rate down well within zone 2 and only briefly stopping as I passed my base on the beach to take in some fluids and food and going straight back out again.

I was really pleased with 6th Men's overall and will be back next year! Thanks to Brandon and all the volunteers for a fantastic day.

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